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I have been building successful teams since less than one year out of college. First I built operational teams, then engineering teams, and then entire marketing and sales departments. I have also had the opportunity to rehabilitate entire companies. During that time I have hired, and occasionally fired, many people. When I combined that experience with the experience of Jerry Brown of Brown Venture Associates we came up with a unique model that is proving to be very valuable to BVA clients.

Typical models employed in the recruiting industry today can be lumped into three main categories:

  1. Retained search - You hire a firm exclusively to fill your open position and they get paid whether or not the new hire was the result of their work product or not. While this is a reasonable model for executive searches, it typically is an expensive choice for lower-level positions since the rate average is about 35% of the first-year salary.
  2. Contingency search - You hire a firm to fill a specific position on a non-exclusive basis. However, they only get paid if they supply the candidate you eventually hire. The contingency firms will typically send an abundance of resumes to the hiring company with minimal screening. It is a numbers game to them - their model is geared towards volume, not quality.
  3. DIY (Do It Yourself) - There is an abundance of job boards you can post on, usually for a reasonable fee. And depending on how well you write your position description, you could receive hundreds (or even more) responses. Now the task falls on you to filter that down by reading all the resumes, calling the candidates that pass that screening, meeting the candidates face to face, background checks, negotiating the offer, etc. It is a lot of work.

There is another way, which might well be the better way for your company. I call it Tailored Recruiting™. With this model, we set up a unique search process just for you. The resulting search process is usually a pared-down version of a retained search that will fit your budget. If you want qualified candidates which are only screened by their resume and a phone interview, we can do that. You want a more involved early round of interviewing so that you are only presented the top few candidates, we can do that as well. The process will be custom tailored to match your needs.

There is another very significant difference to Tailored Recruiting compared to services offered by other recruiters  - the people talking to the candidates have a technology and executive background. This enables us to better represent your company, as well as have a significant dialog with your candidates. If you want to hire the best candidates, one thing you will need to do is sell the strengths of your company. Good candidates will have choices. Having people trained in more than recruiting greatly increases your chances of landing that most valuable employee.

Tailored recruiting is a recruiting practice I have developed in cooperation with Brown Ventures. You should contact me directly for this service. Note, however, that your agreement will be with Brown Ventures, a firm with over 20 years in executive recruiting, where I am also an Advisor.