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Randy Smith began teaming with Jerry Brown and Brown Ventures Associates (BVA) to provide executive search services in 2016. BVA specializes in early stage investing and executive recruiting. With corporate general management experience, diverse background, a huge networks of contacts, and advisers’ expertise, BVA can manage the complexity inherent in the more difficult searches. Some describe these searches as complex, lots of moving parts, tricky, and challenging...this is BVA's wheelhouse.

Let's be clear, the environment for recruiting has changed dramatically in recent years. There are numerous job boards where employers can post jobs and even receive basic applicant tracking system (ATS) support. These tools can often be employed successfully to fill lower-level positions. Higher-level positions remain difficult to fill for several reasons. But the most essential reason they are difficult to fill is quite obvious - the pool of qualified candidates is small, and the employer is not inclined to settle on the best candidate that happens to be looking for a new opportunity now. In addition to modern search techniques and access to a state-of-the-art ATS designed with Jerry Brown's input (BVA investment, Comeet), BVA has access to the advise of an investment network and team of advisors that is unmatched in the recruiting field. 

If you are interested in executive search, Please contact Randy Smith directly through this website. If you are interested in early stage investments, please contact Jerry Brown through the BVA website and mention how you learned of his investing practice through this website.