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Team building

This is a description of the available team building services.

Randy Smith began teaming with Jerry Brown and Brown Ventures Associates (BVA) to provide executive search services in 2016. BVA specializes in early stage investing and executive recruiting. With corporate general management experience, diverse background, a huge networks of contacts, and advisers’ expertise, BVA can manage the complexity inherent in the more difficult searches. Some describe these searches as complex, lots of moving parts, tricky, and challenging...this is BVA's wheelhouse.

I have been building successful teams since less than one year out of college. First I built operational teams, then engineering teams, and then entire marketing and sales departments. I have also had the opportunity to rehabilitate entire companies. During that time I have hired, and occasionally fired, many people. When I combined that experience with the experience of Jerry Brown of Brown Venture Associates we came up with a unique model that is proving to be very valuable to BVA clients.