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These are the sales-related consulting services provided by Randysan Marketing.

When it comes to selling your products you must choose how to sell your products in each location where you choose to do business. However, the channel model can, and in many cases, should be different in each location. In some locations, for example near your home office, you may decide to sell directly using your own salesperson. But in some countries, you may choose to use a distributor. Randysan Marketing can help you set up your channel, chose your distributors and negotiate their contracts. Once again, experience matters and we've done this many times before. This practice works very well in conjunction with our channel marketing practice.

Sales channels can be quite complicated with direct sales, independent sales representatives, channel partners, and distributors. Managing such a channel can be quite difficult and significant prior experience is more than simply helpful. The qualifications of a Sales Vice President and a salesperson are very different as are their compensation plans. If you have the resources to hire a salesperson and your product is ready – do that! We can hire and manage your sales team and later help find the right Sales VP for your business. If it is only our recruiting services you need see our Team building services.

Randysan Marketing can act as an independent sales representative for selling your products. This service can be used to fill the gap between early business development work and when you decide you are ready to begin building your own sales team or before you sign on a territory distributor.