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These are the marketing consulting services provided by Randysan Marketing.

This is your roadmap to your first customers. There are so many things to decide. What are you going to sell? What is your positioning strategy? How will you package and price it? Will you license it? What are the right target accounts? What marketing materials will be needed and when? And we are just getting warmed up...

Brands matter whether you are selling technology or toothbrushes. A good brand makes your product easier sell, can allow you to charge more for your products, or fetch a higher price should you sell your company later. Successful brand development and implementation require expertise, but not necessarily a lot of time or expensive advertising.

Large companies have staff in place to assure their sales channel, direct or indirect, is well trained and equipped to sell their products. Additionally, channel marketers are especially keen in understanding the needs of the channel and the challenges the channel is facing in moving products.

Press agents are a good conduit to get messages to the trade press. An effective trade press strategy is by far the most cost effective means to communicate your message, and have the third party credibility that advertising alone can't match.

Of all of the marketing functions this is the one that must execute correctly for a technology company to succeed. As soon as you can hire someone with expert knowledge of your target market and strong product marketing skills you should do so. Until then, Randysan Marketing can provide leadership for the development of product collateral, presentations, brochures, datasheets, and other materials in support of your Sales, Business Development, Investor, and PR programs.

This critical function should be staffed directly by company personnel whenever possible. Initially, the founder or CTO plus other engineers may handle these functions. Ultimately direct staff must be hired to support the deeper technical needs of product planning, demo development, applications engineering, and quality assurance.