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Many businesses get their initial funding from angel investors or venture capital sources. Sometimes they are able to get additional capital from potential customers or acquirers. Growing a business organically is difficult and if you are in a fast moving high technology field, you risk having your technology become obsolete long before your business has blossomed.

I was part of the team that successfully raised money to start Tangent Systems in 1984 (the business was sold to Cadence Design Systems in 1989) and I have successfully raised money for other businesses many times since then. Experience and contacts can make the process go much faster and much more quickly.

There are also many steps to raising capital. Building your plan, and a presentation that explains that plan is a critical step. Your plan and presentation should include information on your market, competitors, budgets, and more. I can help you put that plan together. I can prepare you by asking the difficult questions before your potential investors do. You need to be prepared and we can get you ready.