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Business development

These are the business development consulting services provided by Randysan Marketing.

Many new technology development efforts require complementary technology for useful deployment and fruitful sales. Often you will need a business relationship to gain access to tools used in integration and testing of your technology. Sometimes these partners can also enhance your sales and support channels. I can work with you to develop the right partnerships and affiliations to benefit your business.

Having a close relationship with an early adopter of your technology can provide you with valuable feedback, marketing endorsements, and even financial support. It takes special relationships with the right people, at the right companies, at the right time, with the right technology to build a successful technology partnership.

Many businesses get their initial funding from angel investors or venture capital sources. Sometimes they are able to get additional capital from potential customers or acquirers. Growing a business organically is difficult and if you are in a fast moving high technology field, you risk having your technology become obsolete long before your business has blossomed.