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Founded in 2006, I established Randysan Marketing to bring high technology start-up companies a level of expertise in marketing, sales, and business development that is typically enjoyed by larger and more mature companies. By using a consulting model my clients gain access to the wide range of practices that they either lack the expertise or resources to perform or for which they have a temporary need due to the unavailability of key personnel. The Randysan Marketing offerings are available to assist you in getting your company from infancy to a fully staffed successful enterprise. Look under the 'Services' menu to explore more of the functions I can perform for you. By utilizing a consulting model, your company can get valuable talent on a part-time basis to get things done and still stay under budget. I have a long list of happy current and former clients.

The name, Randysan Marketing was chosen since the initial focus of this consulting practice was to help clients in the United States establish sales channels in Japan, a place I have traveled to for business well over 100 times. The practice has since grown to cover technology businesses worldwide and provide a much wider range of services. Besides clients from the United States and Japan, Randysan Marketing has also serviced clients and their customers from all over Asia and Europe. We still keep contact with our Japanese friends, but our market is truly global.

In 2016, in partnership with Brown Venture Associates (BVA), Team Building was added as a new area of service. You can explore that service here or at the BVA website.

You can also learn more about my career or my competitive nature on this website.