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I am passionate about B2B marketing, branding, and improving company valuations, while at the same time coaching and mentoring others to excel beyond their expectations. This is why I started Randysan Marketing in 2006. My values start with honesty, transparency, and clarity of mission with a belief the that a strong team can accomplish far more than any individual. I also have a breadth of experience beyond marketing that includes, sales, business development, M & A, fundraising, and senior leadership roles including CEO and Chairman of the Board. Together we can work hard, play hard, and succeed for each other and our families.



There are many elements to marketing: branding, messaging, channel selection, personas, advertising, agility, blogs, social media, etc. - and it's changing quickly. Get help from someone who has done it all before.
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Interim Management

It happens. For some reason, you have lost a key executive. Rather than rush to fill that opening, bring in someone experienced to fill that void while you take your time to find the right person. Keep your business running while you search.
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Team Building

Finding the right talent, developing that talent, and retaining key players is how you build a business for long term success. In conjunction with Brown Ventures, I can now help you make critical additions to your staff and take steps to retain your team.
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Business Development

Collaboration with a purpose. Business development includes your business relationships that are separate from your standard product sales. Tasks I can help you with include business partnerships, customer partnerships, and fundraising support.
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Consulting services include sales management, channel development, and sales representation. I have a history of exceeding quota and I can help your team get there, too. I can develop a common sales model for all your team members which is vital. 
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Work hard, play hard. I have always been a very competitive person. This includes many types of sports and games. This competitive nature carries over to business as well.  The best competitors learn from their experiences to ensure future victories.
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Education & Work Experience

    ConsultingRandysan Marketing and Brown Ventures
    Since 2006, I have offered consulting services through Randysan Marketing. This has including services in various aspects of marketing, sales, and business development. I also have provided interim management services including vice president, CEO, and board responsibilities to several clients. More details on past clients and services are provided on this website. In 2016, I blended my team building skills with the recruiting experience of Jerry Brown of Brown Ventures Associates where I am now focusing on new models and methods for executive searches and consultative recruiting such as Tailored Recruiting.
    Marketing and Sales LeaderSuccessful Senior Executive, EDA and Semiconductor IP
    After moving from engineering into sales and marketing roles I delivered sales results far exceeding the established goals - individual sales up to 388% of quota, and company sales up to 260% of quota. I successfully steered marketing teams through several company exits while implementing new brands, new product, and company rollouts, results contributed to successful exits at Silicon Architects, Gambit Automated Design, and Celestry Design Automation.
    Software EngineeringElectronic Design Automation (EDA) Expert
    After graduating from Cornell, I worked at two start-up companies having been a co-founder of the second company, Tangent Systems. I managed departments up to 45 people, published papers, and presented to customers, investors, and conference attendees. Tangent was acquired by Cadence Design Systems.
    EducationBSEE, Cornell University & MBA, Santa Clara University
    At Cornell, I received a BS in Electrical Engineering while I was the only undergraduate in the School of Engineering with a research grant (from Hewlett-Packard on Hardware Description Languages). The focus of my classwork at the University of Santa Clara was in International Marketing.