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I have been blogging on SemiWiki.com under the pseudonym 'Randysan' since December, 2012. For a time all, articles appeared here and on SemiWiki. To consolidate the comments, I always encouraged people to put their comments on the SemiWiki site. I have decided to stop republishing them here now. So if you wish to see a list of my articles, registered SemiWiki users (it is free to register) should click on this link

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rlsmith3 Excited about the upcoming season. Let's go #Raiders !!!
rlsmith3 @realDonaldTrump Change the @GOP platform. Anti-poker is anti-business & anti-freedom. It's wrong. Please fix it! Speak with the @ppapoker.
rlsmith3 .@realDonaldTrump Pledge to repeal the @GOP Platform plank advocating a federal shutdown of state-licensed #poker websites? Pledge liberty!
rlsmith3 RT @dennisbrophy: Blog: Intel Acquires YOGITECH for #IoT Functional Safety https://t.co/kdUglHwJxm
rlsmith3 .@marcorubio S1668 is pure #CronyCapitalism banning Sheldon Adelson's online competitors. Withdraw this attack on Internet freedom. #poker